Sawong clarifies investigation of K44 million debt incurred


THE public in Morobe must understand that the investigation into the K44 million debt incurred in the previous government is related to debts incurred and not on expenditures.
Klinim Morobe audit committee (2012 – 2017) chairman Don Sawong said some people misunderstood what the investigation was about.
The three-month investigation started following a submission by the acting administrator and was approved by the provincial cabinet.
“The cabinet in a special meeting agreed to establish a committee to audit the debts of claims between 2012 and 2017,” he said.
Sawong said the submission outlined 20 offices under which those debts came from.
“We are auditing and verifying whether they are genuine or not,” he said.
“The investigation team is now trying to establish if these debts were properly incurred, proper procedures followed and if procedures under the Public Finance Management Act and other relevant laws were used in incurring those debts.”

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