Saying sorry to O’Neill


ON behalf of the people of Southern Highlands, especially my supporters and voters for the Southern Highlands governor’s seat, I wish to sincerely apologise to the Member for Ialibu Pangia, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, for offending him in the Sunday polling saga and all election-related politics in the province last year.
The election dispute over the governor’s seat has caused damage to O’Neill’s business and property in Mendi town. Therefore an apology is due to him.
I hereby apologise and call on all candidates who had contested the governorship that if they had any ill feelings against our brother O’Neill to come forward and apologise.
A traditional apology will be staged in the province in the near future.
We must respect the court process as our own prime minister has from time to time declared respect for the authority of the courts in any matters of dispute.
I have no personal or political conflict with O’Neill, who is my brother by tribal bloodline.
My tribe is the biggest tribe in Pangia district.
My tribe is the same tribe as that of Pundia Kange, the former Member for Ialibu Pangia, of the Kambeiri and Koke tribes.
My people’s interest comes first in politics.
That political leadership is with Peter O’Neill and no one else.

Daniel Tulapi