Scams on internet banking rife

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 CUSTOMERS, particularly those using internet banking, have been warned not to give out their personal bank details over the phone or SMS.

Westpac PNG recently warned its customers of an increase in hoax phone calls and SMS texts, which have callers or sendersclaiming to be the bank’s employees to trick unsuspecting clients into providing or confirming their account details. 

General manager Ashleigh Matheson said: “Criminals are becoming more and more creative in finding new ways to commit fraud and customers especially need to be especially vigilant against these types of scams.

“At Westpac, we’re proud of the strong systems we have in place to protect our customers’ money and personal information. 

“However, it is critical that customers do not let their guard down. We’re seeing a rise in attempts by fraudsters to contact people privately to try and obtain their personal account details.”

Matheson stressed that customers who used internet banking should be aware that commercial banks did not send emails to customers asking them to load in their customer number and password.

“Rather, we advise our customers to log onto our website or visit a nearest local branch if they have any queries regarding their accounts,

Westpac is encouraging customers who think they might have witnessed a fraud attempt via a phone call, an SMS message or any other method to contact the bank immediately. 

“Please also tell your friends and family about these scams so they know what to be on the lookout for if they are targeted,” Matheson said.