Scare for duo selling exam answer sheets

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TWO men were chased away and nearly beaten up by Grade 8 students from Waluanda Primary School in Southern Highlands while they were attempting to sell answer sheets to students about to sit for their examination yesterday.
According to the school president Kennedy Kaiamo, the students chased the duo away when they discovered what they were up to.
The two, who were said to be from Ialibu district, were suspected to have collaborated with a senior staff to obtain examination papers and answer sheets prior to the examinations.
Kennedy said the students did not like the idea of cheating, as it was also part of corruption.
“The two were not from around here and they just popped up at the school with original answer sheets and offered to sell them to students who wanted to buy them,” he said.
An education official in Mendi also confirmed that such happenings were common in the secondary, high and primary schools, especially in the remote parts of the province.
“Examination papers are meant to be kept under the administrations watch and it is a must that the seal is opened in front of students on the exam date and in the examination venue,” he said.
He added that in the past, there were reports that some teachers were involved in framing answers and supplying them to students sitting for examinations to get the below performing students to do well thus raising the school’s average .
Kennedy said the intention was good but he said cheating was not the appropriate means to go about being successful in life.