Scarred lad thanks volunteer surgeons

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The National, Monday 30th January 2012

UPNG Journalism student

A YOUNG lad from Tambul in Western Highlands has never known if there was any way plastic surgery could replace his deformed harelip – until last Wednesday.
After 16 years, Ruben Depis of Kurike tribe, went through a plastic surgery operation at Mt Hagen Provincial Hospital.
It was conducted by a Interplast team made up of Australia and New Zealand surgeons.
The team is at Mount Hagen Hospital for two weeks to carry out plastic surgery for patients who have burns and other deformed body parts.
Depis said he never knew if there was any solution to his deformation. He had lived with it over the years.
“I hate my parents for not taking me anywhere  where I can get assistance to get treated. But now I am happy that I am treated,” Depis said.
He is thankful to the interplast team for their help.
Depis also thanked his brother who had taken him there for the treatment.
The interplast surgery team at the hospital treated more  patients than last year.
So far more than 70 have been treated, especially children who have severe burns.