Sceptical about Covid-19 vaccines


ALL vaccines for the Covid-19 are still being administered at the experimental phase.
It is a sad reality that the money power of rich foundations in the forefront of co-funding international organisations affiliated by governments have succumb to their selfish agenda of population control against the command of the Creator to multiply and fill the earth till Judgment Day.
The inherent fear has naturally suppressed any individual or country to oppose what is filtered through the World Health Organisation as a rubber stamp to accept and trial all experimental Covid-19 vaccines for everyone without question.
History tells us candidly that the SARS1 vaccine development failed and here we have a SARS2, also known as Covid-19 vaccine strands developed within 12 months should ring alarm bells.
The known potential dreadful side effects on fertility of young child-bearing female age group between 15 to 25 years have not be challenged by our local medical experts.
How effective are those vaccines if doses are to be repeated against other readily available cocktail drugs already sustaining third-world countries?
It could be the conspiracy to control the global population that went wrong.
I recommend that only those who intend to travel overseas should take the prescribed Health Department’s inoculation of vaccines suitable for the PNG condition.