Scheme’s notices misleading students


IT was on all the notice boards in the small town of Kundiawa, Chimbu, clearly stating that the governor’s school fee assistance scheme was for Chimbu tertiary students.
The word ‘tertiary’ includes students attending colleges and universities.
However, students attending skills training institutions were the only ones benefiting since the scheme’s inception in 2019.
The appearance of the word ‘tertiary’ on public notices and application forms brought false hope.
It turned out to be misleading.
Many students wasted valuable time, effort and resources to apply.
The programme continues this academic year.
I saw some young people filling application forms in front of a stationery shop.
They remind me of my failed attempts in the past so I wanted to see how instructions on the application were laid out. I frequently consulted the public notice boards in town but unlike in the past, there wasn’t’ anything about the governor’s school fee assistance scheme.
I wondered why the coordinator decided to go public this time.
However, the mistake is still there.
The word tertiary should have been replaced with skills training institutions to relay the message correctly.
Besides, Chimbu Governor Michael Dua is an educationist.
No one has to tell him about the need to promote human resources in Chimbu through university and college students.
They have basic family support and high intellectual capacity.
They are in recognised institutions where leadership skills are in cooperated in their curriculums.
They can become good educated citizens and make a difference in their communities.
Funds for the school fee assistance scheme should go to nationally recognised institutions such as Mapex and Kumul training institutes or similar schools where we cannot go back to collect refunds.
What we have been doing so far is robbing the small people and at the same time misappropriating public funds.

STC Road
3-Mile Village