Scholarships for PNG sports talents

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UNIVERSITIES in the Philippines are now offering athletics scholarships for young Papua New Guineans who are keen on pursing a sporting career.
According to Joel Sarmenta, a keen sportsman and manager, speaking via an email, said the universities were keen to offer young Papua New Guineans education scholarship in basketball, soccer and volleyball.
Sarmenta, who was personally involved with 2007 PNG Games as a sponsor of several basketball teams, was impressed with the skills and proposed to universities of any possibilities of having young Papua New Guineans under the programme.
He said the school year starts next June, and it was important for the processing to begin if the players were accepted for the next school year.
Sarmenta said universities would prefer Grade 10 students who had high academic marks which could be easily accepted into universities.
“All students accepted must pass their examination especially English, Science and Mathematics,” he said.
The former Madang representative player said the most sought-after sports are basketball, soccer and volleyball.
He added that both men and women would have the advantage of competing in the Philippines.
Sarmenta stressed that the most competitive sport was the men’s basketball, and those interested should be above six foot in height.
The self-appointed manager, who once played basketball and soccer in PNG, said he was fortunate to be witness two PNG Games in 2005 and 2007 and see the talent exposed.
He encouraged those students who would finish this year and were keen to play basketball, soccer and volleyball to contact him through his email: [email protected].
Sarmenta also urged the PNG Football Association, Basketball Federation of PNG and the PNG Volleyball Federation officials or respective chief executive officers to contact him immediately to establish some contacts to get the young PNG athletes under the programme.