School boy in cell for attempted hold-up

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

A Grade Eight student was detained at the Jomba police station in Madang after a group of passengers in a PMV caught him for trying to hold them up on Friday.
The student, who attends Jomba Primary School, is from Wuvulu Island in East Sepik.
He was part of a group which tried to hold-up a truck load of passengers that had stopped near Bahor village outside Madang town.
Madang police station commander inspector Vincent Isanda said the other boys escaped when the passengers jumped off the truck and chased them but the student ran out of breath and was caught.
He said police were also looking for a man from Yabob village who raped his cousin sister at around 1.30pm on Friday in a garden.
Isanda said the suspect tricked his cousin by telling her that there were some laptops he hid in the garden which she could help him carry.
He said the suspect took the victim there and raped her.
Isanda said the suspect was known to police and an arrest would be made soon.
Police also caught a man from Central identified as Winnie Kila Poka who was an escapee from Barawagi jail in Chimbu.
Poka was caught when he attempted to lure a woman and rob her near Madang Resort Hotel on Friday.
Isanda said the woman was quick to alert others and police rounded up Poka and took him to the police station.
They later found out that he was an escapee.