School breaks record

Lae News, Normal

BUMAYONG Lutheran Secondary School in Lae has recorded the highest number of Grade 10 students in the province who have secured placing for Grade 11 next year.
Principal Gisuwat Siniwin announced this during their 39th Grade 10 and ninth Grade 12 graduation yesterday.
Out of 352 students, more than 200 would be continuing.
One hundred and three will remain at Bumayong, while the others have secured places in the other secondary schools in the province.
Deputy headmistress academic, Sarah Topa, said the outstanding results had been achieved through students’ strict discipline and control.
She added that most of the outstanding students were female.
The Grade 12 students were also acknowledged for performing well with their combined internal and external examinations.
Another achievement was the successful production of rice making the school self-reliant. 
Agriculture teacher Michael Boi, said the idea of farming rice developed after the school was continuously being robbed of its agricultural produce such as broccoli.
They are supported by ROC Taiwan’s technical mission in the form of rice seedlings and technical expertise.
Students learn about rice farming in their agriculture classes.
Mr Boi said there were plans to expand rice production within the school with the support of ROC Taiwan.
A delegation from the mission is expected to visit the school next week to scope the project.