School bus carjacked, woman gang-raped

National, Normal

NATIONAL Capital District metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa yesterday reported several crimes that were committed in the city during the week.
He reported a vehicle robbery where criminals escaped with a school bus on Tuesday at about 9am.
He said the driver of the bus owned by Gerehu
Secondary School came under attack at Morata, when four youths hurled rocks, beer bottles and
other items at the bus.
The driver was thrown out of the bus as the robbers jumped inside and escaped.
Chief Supt Yakasa said it was not known if the bus had been recovered.
He denounced the criminals who were targeting public institutions including schools, hospitals and churches who were helpless to defend.
In another incident reported on Monday, a woman was reportedly raped by 15 men, also at Morata.
Police said the woman was followed by the rapists to her residence at Waigani, where she was dragged out of her car and forced into a waiting car and driven away.
Chief Supt Yakasa said the rapists used several of the woman’s bank cards to withdraw about K3,000 from various automatic teller machines around the city.
He said robbers were also tailgating cars before carjacking them.
He said lone female drivers were particularly vulnerable.
He urged the public to be cautious when travelling alone and to continue driving to public areas or seek immediate help if they suspected that they were being followed.
Chief Supt Yakasa also urged drivers to check their rearview mirror from time to time to ensure that no one was following them.