School celebrates anniversary

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

ST Paul’s Marinumbo Primary School on the Sepik Highway came alive with a feast of activities last Friday to commemorate the school’s 40th anniversary.
The celebrations began with a mass which pondered the life of St Paul who is the patron of the school.
Head teacher Maggie Kambaki said: “His ministry changed the lives of others and therefore we the staff of St Paul’s Primary would also like our students to become agents of change like Apostle Paul.
“The great hero of the Second
World War, Paul Yawiga, is the founder of the school.
“Like St Paul, Paul Yawiga wanted changes in the life of his people.
“Yawiga foretold the people way back in 1960s to respect each other, work hard on growing cash crops like cocoa and coffee so they can have money to improve their standard of living,” Kambaki said.
The celebration also attracted villagers from the neighboring communities who participated with traditional singsings and plays – all aimed at urging the youths to change physically, mentally and spiritually in order to become better citizens.