School celebrates day


IT is important for students to learn about activities that pollute the environment, an official says.
Kopkop College Secondary School principal Roddy Abady said students needed to know the different activities that would affect their environment and learn to improve or avoid such activities.
She said small things such as knowing how and where to dispose rubbish were important things students needed to learn.
Abady said this during the school’s World Environment Day celebration on Friday. The theme of the day was ‘one earth’.
She said celebrating World Environment Day kept students aware of the need to look after their surroundings and ensure it did not get polluted, damaged or destroyed.
She said keeping the environment clean was an everyday activity that everyone could do.
Abady said schools could be involved in awareness to teach children to be more careful with things such as disposal of rubbish.
Abady said it would be good if government agencies or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) organised clean-up activities which schools could take part. She said places such as Ela Beach could be cleaned up and in the process the students would learn something about their environment and the importance of keeping it clean. Abady said the students came to school wearing their green uniforms presented poems, dances and skits based on this year’s theme.