School choir performs Christmas carols


THE KoroBoro International School choir performed Christmas carols at Vision City Mega Mall in Port Moresby on Saturday as part of community service.
Principal Peter O’Sullivan said the performance was part of giving back to the community and also giving the students the exposure to build their confidence.
“This is also for the students to understand the balance of being privileged but at the same time, allowing them to do service,” he said.
“Also, to give them exposure to a wider audience.In that way they get a real life experience.”
Arts coordinator Eileen Bayagau said 15 students from the school choir group, ages varying from 8 to 12 and in grades three to six, took part in the performance.
“We recently had a talent show which motivated a lot of them to step up, step out and encourage them to build their confidence to perform,” she said,
Bayagau said the school had a very rich arts curriculum including dance class, choir and visual arts.
“The school is interested in not just building a child academically but also in arts and sports; extracurricular activities that encourages them to go into those areas,” she said.
“Not all children are academically strong, and so these allow them to shine in different areas, in their learning experiences.
“This builds up a holistic child rather than one that only strengthens a child in only one area.”
Bayagau said that was the second performance in a public space and they wished to continue in the years to come.

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