School denies charging fees


Gordon Secondary School principal George Kenega has denied a report that students at his school are being charged school fees.
He said this in response to a report in The National last Wednesday that grades nine and 10 were being charged K990, while grades 11 and 12 were being charged K1089.
“Grades nine and 10 fees of K990 and grades 11 and 12 fees of K1089 is taken care of by the Government through the tuition fee free,” Kenega said. “Parents are not asked to pay these fees. What is on the enrolment form is for parents’/guardians’ information only.”
Kenega said the only fee parents were paying was the K300 project fee which they had all agreed upon.
“That (K300) is the money that parents have agreed upon,” he said.
“Otherwise, we are not charging any fees. We are not forcing parents to pay that K300 immediately. They can pay in instalments.”