School expects upgrade

National, Normal

The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 ANGLIMP High School, in Jiwaka, will start enrolling Grade 11 intakes next year, Anglimp-South Waghi MP Joe Koim says.

He said that on Wednesday during the groundbreaking ceremony for four double classrooms at the school.

 Koim said the four classrooms would cater for Grade 11 intakes next year. An excavator he gave will be used to build the Kintimb-Roglomp Road in Anglimp district.

The three major programmes for the electorate are micro-finance scheme, rural housing and roads, he said.

‘‘Your suffering will be a thing of the past,” he said.

Koim said education was important and he planned to upgrade Anglimp and Minj secondary schools so that students could get quality education.

He plans to promote the micro-finance scheme in a bid to see more business-minded people in the electorate.

Koim invested K1 million in the National Development Bank to support people venturing into business.

“You, as an individual, have a potential to do business. Think positive and you can be successful in what you want to do,’’ he said.

Koim bought 16 excavators for the upgrading of feeder roads.

“Roads are important for people to access basic goods and services.”

He urged the people not to make unnecessary compensation claims because they would hinder development.