School fair looks at sustainability

Youth & Careers

AN eighth grader at the Port Moresby International School wants to grow nutritious plants and breed fish together using water management.
David Kuk was one of the students who participated in a recent science fair in Port Moresby.
The fair gave students the opportunity to demonstrate commitment and determination while applying their knowledge, creativity and skills to solve problems and help Papua New Guinea develop and become self-sustaining.
Kuk, who received a laptop as the winner of the junior grade, plans to introduce aquaponic farming to his province Enga.
Kuk’s hydroponic versus aquapnoic project is to see if it is possible to grow nutritious plants and fish in the same pond. He believes that is successful, people can earn an income and enjoy healthy meals.
A group tested the natural status of manufactured water which can help people know which water is more “natural”. The theme of the fair was “Innovative ways to conserve water”.
Students in grades seven to 11 came up with projects mostly about water purifications, filtration and storage.
The students were given various water problems and 10 hours to come up with solutions then create their ideas using simple materials.
First in the senior category was Romano and Robyn Fitzpatrick with their hydraulic RAM project.
Second were Parison Nupiri and Mcryan Yawari for their parabolic reflector project.
Third prize went to Caleb Wemin, William Waingt, Cevestro Kenong and Dai Vai for their Multi Helpful Water Treatment project.
Second place in the junior category went to Piyush Sethy and Edgerald Edwards for their water purification project. Third were Warubarasi Bade, Pretanya Paraia and Larissah Pup for their purification of muddy water project.