School fee problem


I AM from Okapa, Eastern Highlands.
I am doing my first year in PNGUNRE taking up Diploma in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture.
I just completed my first semester but I’m not sure if I could continue into the second semester because I haven’t paid 25 per cent of my compulsory fee yet.
In January, my parents and I were told that our district MP was going to pay the 25 per cent of my school fee so they issued us the confirmation letter and requires my parents to make the 75 per cent and let me registered and get the class.
After my registration, nothing had happened and so far I completed my first semester and still waiting for them.
This problem has been faced over the years by my seniors (previous students).
I am raising this because I do not want to end to the statistics on the streets.
Please can the officers in charge do something to help us before some of us withdraw due to school fee problem?