School fights in NCD


I WENT through the education system in the nation’s capital so I think I have a better understanding about the issue.
I can’t speak for the schools in Lae because I have never been there. Most of the school fights in NCD involving male students in the same school can be broken down to one pathetic reason: Jealousy.
Boys who frequently talk to and hang around with girls, boys who bounce (walk with a swagger), basically, boys who show off, are targeted.
The terms keks kuti and sua mahn are used interchangeably to refer to these boys.
It’s not some code language if you’re wondering, it’s the common lingo used in the streets among young people.
The reason for the jealousy is rather hard to pinpoint.
I think it has got something to do with levelling of the playing field, if you get my meaning.
Boys want the playing field level so they can all have a chance at getting any girl.
The fights between students from different schools has got more to do with pride.
Not any individual’s pride but the school’s.
Yes, students actually represent their schools when they fight.
If any student from school A tarnishes the reputation of school B, be it on social media or by beating up a student from school B (yes that constitutes tarnishing), a school fight ensues.
It can be the next day, or it can be next week.
It can be a bare knuckle brawl, or it can be with kitchen knives and screwdrivers.
It can be at a bus stop, or it can be at a market.
There are no guidelines.
It’s this dreaded mob mentality that causes it.
I personally think school uniforms share part of theblame.
It restricts our mindsets into thinking we’re different from our brothers because they’re wearing a different uniform.
Case in point, police officers treat the public like animals when they’re in uniform, but act all innocent, even in front of illegal vendors, when they’re wearing civilian clothes.
The Education Department should seriously consider removing it as a requirement.
Schools in NCD act like uniforms and black shoe with socks are a conduit for knowledge.
It’s ridiculous.
Some kids aren’t at school because their parents can’t afford the uniforms.
Kids grow every year and with how our economy is going, some parents can’t afford to keep on buying uniforms, so they
have no choice but to pull their kids out of school and send them to do illegal vending out on the streets.
I know I’m getting off topic here but I’m just stating facts.

Lux Kuti
Posin Miok

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