School happy with project’s green light

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The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 A SCHOOL in Waigani is relieved that funding for a double classroom, one of the many projects started by the Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program Ltd, will continue.

Managers of the Waigani Christian School were devastated when they heard that PNGSDP had cancelled funding because of the row with the Government.

In June this year, PNGSDP committed K350,000 for the construction of a new double classroom at the school. Work had already started but ground to a halt when the PNGSDP stopped all projects it was working on.

The school’s founder and director, Benjamin Mul,  is glad that work will continue as announced by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“Waigani Christian School is all about human resource development,” he said.

“We are providing quality education to the students of Papua New Guinea. We’re a permitted school but not funded by the national government.

“When it comes to extra projects like building classrooms or teachers’ houses, we get loans from commercial banks or we do our own fundraising.”