School holds recognition ceremony


A SCHOOL principal says Grade 12 students need to be sent off in their final year with some sort of ceremony.
Gordon Secondary School principal George Wek Kenega said they held a recognition ceremony after the Grade 12 exam on Friday.
The recognition ceremony strictly observed Coronavirus (Covid-19) protocols.
“It’s not good to send them out of the gate as soon as they finished their exams,” he said.
“The ceremony was to present academic awards, attainment certificates and a farewell lunch with their teachers as a way of recognising their efforts and hard work through the years.
“The school have been very good to them and we cannot let them down on their last day with us.”
Kenega said he had been keeping a lookout for any notices of school lockdowns ever since the first one in 2020.
“Despite all the challenges from the pandemic, we have made it to the end of the year and I am grateful for that.”