School lacks infrastructure, staffing

Students from Pamaya High School in Nuku, West Sepik, serving and eating their meals in the open because the school lacks infrastructure such as dinning halls. – Picture Supplied

WEST Sepik’s Pamaya High School in Nuku, is in dire need of basic infrastructure to remain sustainable, teacher Lingsten Yali says.
“We do not have a proper dining hall for students, administration building and other basic infrastructure,” Yali told The National in an interview.
“Meals are prepared in an open fire place and students sit outside to have their meals.
“There is no proper water system and no fencing for the school.
Yali said the school did not have a library with most teaching materials stored in a teacher’s house.
“Staff meetings and other meetings are conducted in classrooms after hours,” he said.
“There is shortage in teaching staff.
“There are only four teachers in the school.”
He said teachers were posted to the school but because of its remoteness, most teachers decline or refuse the post.
The school was established in 2012 and is a Government school with a total of 500 students in grades 9 and 10.
Yali said the school received some funding from the Education Department but the previous management allegedly misused the funds.
“We have a new administration and the principal is ready to use whatever funding available to develop the school.
“The community and teachers will support the new administration to ensure there is development so that students can study in a conducive environment,” Yali said.