School launches anti-Covid-19 campaign with hand basins

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THE Butuka Academy in Moresby South, National Capital District, launched its anti-Covid-19 campaign yesterday with the opening of 52 new hand basins and sick bay.
School director Jean Ifuda said the launching of the facilities marked an important programme in the development of Covid-19 school preparedness.
Ifuda said Butuka was one of the many educational institutions that was participating in complying with the requirements of the Covid-19.
In addition to the wash basins and sick bay, it also received school uniforms and opened its new canteen.
Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko urged students to practise hand-washing to avoid the Covid-19.
“The construction of these wash basins and preparing under the Covid-19 is very important,” he said.
“I am happy to see the initiative and the responsibility by Butuka Academy for the protection of our children from this dreaded virus.
“This is very important and students, when you come to school, you must wash your hands and keep them clean.”
Chinese ambassador Xue Bing, who was also present, said: “The Covid-19 is a deadly virus and it is important to observe sanitary practices.” Xue highlighted that China and PNG had a strong relationship that would be continued.
Ifuda said Butuka Academy aimed to be a school of excellence by improving its teaching qualities in ICT and improving its library and other facilities.

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