School leavers given opportunity to study


GRADE 10 and 12 school leavers have been given an opportunity to further their education at the Institute of Business Studies University (IBSU) in Port Moresby through their various courses.
IBS University pro vice-chancellor Dr Chenniappan Murugesan said the institute had set up at the Vision City Mall for a public admission session in Port Moresby on Saturday.
“This is the third time that we are coming to VC to exhibit our courses and we are explaining to the grades 10 and 12 leavers, that there are opportunities to further their education,” he said.
“We have two programmes, one is an international degree programme, and one is the national degree programme.”
Murugesan said the four-year degree programme under the IBSU programme consisted of the bachelor of business and management, bachelor of accounting and finance, bachelor of economics and development studies, bachelor of information technology.
The institute runs its courses under partnership with Southern Cross University (three years) is the business (majoring in accounting), business (majoring in management), IT (major in user experience).
“We are also conducting the programmes for the working class, under the corporate, minimum under five years of experience, it comes under Tvet college but the resources that we are offering, using IBS university, so this course is mainly for corporate employees, it is a very flexible.”
He said they were also offering certificate three and certificate four for Grade 10 and Grade 12 school leavers.
The programmes include a certificate of accounting, business and management, human resource and IT.
A Grade 12 school leaver Benson Toki said he was interested in IT programme.

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