School loses part of administration building in fire


A SECONDARY school in East Sepik last Thursday lost part of its administration building to fire allegedly caused by aggrieved students.
Brandi Secondary School principal Anthony Boiefin said it was believed that some expelled students returned to the school and set the building on fire.
Brandi is a level 10 school which was established in 1954 and is the leading secondary school in East Sepik with over 1200 students and 41 teaching staff.
“The fire started in the early hours of the morning – at 2am,” Boiefin said from Wewak.
“The administration block accommodating half of the teachers and 50 computers with Wi-Fi which was given to the school in 2014.”
He added that more than 20 teachers lost their important documents and items as well as lesson plans, resource books and other teaching and learning resources materials.
“Assessment records of the student students are safe,” Boiefin said He said the total cost of the damage was over K1 million.
“We received approval from the provincial education board and suspended the school for one week on Friday.
“Only the grade 12s remained to prepare for their written expression examination.
“The students are expected to return on Monday,” he said.
Boieffin said the one-week break was given for an investigation, gathering reports, putting records together and giving teachers time to settle in and prepare lessons.
He told The National that teachers affected were upset and would resume duties in a week’s time.