School needs help

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The National, Monday November 4th, 2013


A SCHOOL in Finschhafen faces water and sanitation problems and needs help from authorities.

Classrooms and teachers’ quarters at Kabili Primary School, in Bugem, Yabem-Mape local level government, in Finschhafen, Morobe, require renovations.

School board chairman Busim Stoesel said Kabili was established in 1957 as a level four school that had eight teachers and 240 pupils. It was managed by head mistress Emily Somake.

Kabili is located 150 metres from Yabem-Mape president and Morobe Deputy Governor Judas Nalau’s home.

Two teachers’ quarters do not have toilets and septic tank toilets cannot be used because there is no water.

Dregerhafen Secondary School faces water problems as well. The main water source is the Buta Creek but pipes supplying the school need regular maintenance.

“During dry spells, teachers and students are affected, forcing the school to shut down, which in turn affects studies,” Stoesel said.

“When there is no water, it creates a very unhygienic situation because teachers and students resort to the beaches and bushes.”

He said Kabili received its K71,000 subsidy recently, which was spent mostly on academic materials.

Kabili caters for children from Kwalansam, Nasingalatuc, Bugem and Gingala villages.