School official calls on Scripture Union to return


Students need the word of God to become better citizens, a school board member says.
Fred Sabumei, the deputy chairman of June Valley Primary School, in Port Moresby, made the comments after the Scripture Union (SU) visited the school on Wednesday morning with breakfast for more than 100 students.
“They (SU) should come more often not because of the food but to share the word of God with the students before they go for classes,” Sabumei said.
He said churches need to work harder on today’s generation.
“Everybody needs the word of God and this is where it starts.
“Sometimes parents don’t have enough time to pray with their children or read the Bible to them,” he said.
Sabumei said he was grateful of what the SU were doing.
He said sometimes students come with empty stomach to school so they need food to give them strength to learn well.
Scripture Union is a faith-based, non-profit organisation which works with churches and youth groups to make known the word of God especially to students in primary and secondary schools.
SU vice-chairman (volunteer), Shaldana Romeo Simeo said they found out that some students come early to school and they don’t eat in the morning.
“That’s why we came up with this programme, Sumatin Feed, to provide breakfast for the students so they can learn well in the classroom.”
He said this is the second time and they wanted to do more in future for all schools.
Simeo said the whole reason was to share the love and the word of God to the students as young as they are.
“Like the Bible said: ‘Train up a child where he should be and when he grows old, he will not depart from me’,” he said.