School opens classroom funded by Japan


TEACHERS and students of Hohola Demonstration Primary School witnessed the opening of their new double classroom funded by the Japanese government last week.
Construction was done by Pantreid Ltd and was funded through Japan’s grant assistance for grassroots human security projects (GGP).
School board chairman Erama Ugaia thanked the government of Japan, through its ambassador, for providing the most needed funding for the construction of the building.
Ugaia stressed about the important role that environment played in both teachers and students’ learning progress at schools.
“Quality education can be achieved through having a decent learning environment,” he said.
“The environment creates a changed mindset of the students and the outcome of that is improved learning.
“I am sure that this amazing double classroom will have a great impact on not only on the teachers and students but the whole school.”
Japan Ambassador Kuniyuki Nakahara accepted the compliments and reminded the school to take ownership of the classroom and preserve it for the future generation.
“You must remember that this assistance is a gift from the government and the people of Japan and I sincerely wish you all to look after these classrooms so that it may benefit future students as well and may it be a symbol of Japan’s friendship with PNG,” Nakahara said.

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