School, overseas partner in talks to administer aviation training

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THE Waigani Christian College (WCC) is now in discussion with an aviation institution in the Philippines to establish a school in the country, school director Benjamin Mul says.
Mul and a team from WCC paid a visit to ACATECH School of Aviation in Philippines last week.
Founder and director for ACATECH School of Aviation Jonathan Palma this week visited WCC and held further discussions with the school’s board and management to start an aviation school affiliated with WCC in PNG.
Mul said unemployment is a big problem in PNG and such trainings should be provided in the country for citizens to find employment in other parts of the world.
“Many energetic young graduates are produce by universities and other tertiary institutions and colleges but can’t easily find jobs,” he said.
“Some areas where we can address we must address to help children.
“We can address this issue by affiliate our universities, tertiary institutions and colleges with the universities, colleges and institutions of the developed countries so our graduates can find employment overseas.”
He said throughout the world, aviation industry is booming.
“PNG aviation industries comprises around 80 per cent foreigners and only 20 per cent nationals.
“This could have been easily taken over by our own country men and women but we do not have an aviation school in PNG.”

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