School praised for producing good students


THE HEAD teacher of a primary school in Kokopo has commended Rabaul Play School for producing kids who have learned to read and write.
Kokopo Primary School head teacher Wesley Watnabar expressed his gratitude to the Rabaul Play School administration during graduation of 28Grade 2 students last Thursday.
He said his school was the major recipient of students who passed out from the play school each year.
“Over the years, I have seen the enrolment list increase from a humble 12 to over 20 we are accepting this year,” Watnabar said.
Rabaul Play School is a private institution run by Relly Manning.
It previously operated in Rabaul and relocated to Kenabot in Kokopo after a volcanic eruptions in 1994.
“Kokopo Primary School continues to accept students from Rabaul Play School because of the kind of learning provided to students,” Watnabar said.
“Rabaul Play School has set a high foundation in learning.
“We have seen that students who pass out of Rabaul Play School are able to master skills of reading, comprehension and writing.”
“That is what teachers at Kokopo Primary School look forward to when taking students on.”