School receives motorcycles, bookshelves


THE Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) has donated four motorcycles and six bookshelves to Sogeri National High School.
The donation was made to support the school’s new fisheries project that started last year and principal Kive Kererembo said the gifts would help with transport and research.
“We are thankful for the donations and we hope this project will teach students about fisheries, so in future some of them may take up studies in fisheries,” he said.
“They have learnt about science, especially biology, in class.
“The fisheries project will give the students hands-on experience on how to look after fish and prawns.”
Kererembo added that the new bookshelves would also be put to good use at their new library.
The four Yamaha motorcycles and book shelves were estimated at about K40,000.
Jica chief representatives for Papua New Guinea office Takashi Toyama said they were happy to support the school with its project and library shelves.
“We are very happy to support the school and we hope they will make use of the donated goods.”
Sogeri National High School and Jica have a long history dating back 25 years ago when Jica volunteers were sent to the school to teach mathematics, science, karate and the Japanese language.

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