School reopens after fight 17 months ago


PARENTS and children are celebrating the re-opening of the Salamaua Primary School in Huon Gulf district, Morobe, after it was closed 17 months ago because of a fight.
Officials from the district administration and local level government joined locals on Sunday for the re-opening ceremony.
Classes were suspended Aug 4, 2018 when a fight broke out between people from five villages in inland Salamaua and Kela villagers over the digging up of a World War II dump site for ammunition and guns.
Around 50 homes at Kela village were burnt and properties destroyed by villagers from Kamiatam, Popdubi, Muvo, Wapali and Laugui.
The school and the Salamaua health center were forced to close.
On Sunday, Huon Gulf district officer Moses Wanga urged the villagers to put aside their differences and work together for the interest of their children.
“The government and the people must work in partnership to bring back this vital service to the community,” Wanga said.
He also urged the locals to look after public servants serving at the school and the health centre.
Huon Gulf education manager Sam Geseng told parents that they had to pay their school fee component before enrolment.
Salamaua local level government president Mathias Kolo warned locals to let the school operate smoothly.