School resources


I WRITE to express my disappointment with the article published in The National last Thursday on Kanampa Fode and its director and coordinator Vincent Aikebuse.
The reporting is shallow. It should also focus on what actually happens on the ground.
That story was one-sided without taking into consideration the sacrifices and the contributions of people who have stood by Aikebuse in trying times to get the school to where it is now.
Take for instance the tutors.
They may not have the necessary teaching qualifications to teach but they are not fulltime teachers.
They are tutors.
There is a difference between a tutor and a teacher.
These people are being used as scapegoats for the glory and benefit of only one person.
They even are not paid their full dues compared to tutors from other Fode centres around the country, merely leaving off a lousy allowance of say less than K100 a week.
The school is totally under-resourced.
Among the many problems is faces, it lacks the necessary materials to aid teaching.


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