School seeks more funding

National, Normal

The National, Monday 20th May 2013

 THE Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) has invested K184,000 to improve facilities at the Menyamya Lutheran Primary School, in interior Morobe.

Headmaster Mund Yalamu sought funding assistance through a proposal which saw K34,420 invested in a computer laboratory last year with the purchase of five computers, 150 chairs and 25 tables.

This year K150,000 was invested again into the school water supply for 570 pupils and the nearby Lutheran health centre, and church.

Tuffa tanks, pipes, taps, nuts and bolts were purchased from Ples Hardware and Building Supplies.

However, the school needs a further 15 computers, library books, four additional houses to complement the existing ones to cater for 15 teachers and fencing to protect facilities.

Yalamu applauded the Menyamya joint district planning committee under the leadership of MP Benjamin Philip to deliberate over K50,000 funding. 

Once the meeting minutes are submitted to district treasury, the money should be released.

Yalamu said the poor condition a 95km stretch road from Keto at Bulolo-Aseki border to the Aseki junction and Menyamya meant difficulties in delivering education and health material.

He said the district’s five-year project plan was expected to be delivered this week.