School seeks to lift its level to secondary

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ST Xavier’s Provincial High School, one of the oldest educational institutions in East Sepik province, has called on relevant Government authorities to help in its effort to upgrade to secondary high school.
Headmaster David Aram said it was sad to see other recently established high schools changed quickly into secondary school while St Xavier remained struggling behind.
Mr Aram said despite the setback, they were still working slowly towards achieving their goal with  little support from the Catholic church but needed the Government to speed up all necessary preparatory works so that  changes could occur.
The headmaster was speaking during the opening of a new outpatient and inward facility for Kairiru Island community last Wednesday in the presence of Wewak MP Jim Simatab.
The school was established by the Catholic church after World War 2 and was run by the Catholic church order, Marist Brothers, which enrolled 300 boys each year.
Mr Aram said the other schools which had secured secondary status ahead of St Xavier were enjoying their successes with improved facilities and study environment while St Xavier continued to struggle.
Mr Simatab said while speaking at the opening of the new health facility that the Government was committed to work in partnership with the churches to improve health and education services in his electorate so that people could access better services.
He made his first commitment for the co-educational school to receive a new girl’s dormitory and pledged his support to assist in other areas to help the school achieve its secondary status soon.