School shuts doors after only three days

Lae News, Normal


CLASSES in Bumayong Secondary School in Lae city are still suspended due to the ongoing water supply woes crippling the city.
The school has been suspended three days after starting the academic year on Wednesday, affecting more than 800 students from Grades nine to 12.
School principal Gisuwat Siniwin said he had advised parents and students that due to the water disruptions the past week, the school’s administration had decided to suspend classes.
“All student ablutions are blocked including staff houses, all our school tanks are empty, we are badly affected and so we have told students to go home after their registration last week.
“We also told parents and students, including boarders, that classes will be suspended until the water is back to normal. We will notify them through radio.”
The school’s livestock was also badly affected by the water crisis.
“We had to go to the nearby community to get water to feed our 3,000 chickens, our pigs and cows as well,” Mr Siniwin said.
Once the water problem is rectified, classes will be held over the weekends to make up for the time lost.