Schooling starts at home, says official


THE challenge to improve a child’s academic excellence rests with the parents who should be supporting the teachers, says Watut council manager Raune Jambert.
Jambert said parents should be responsible for their children’s education and not leave everything to teachers.
Parents must look after their children’s health, pay fees, provide teachers’ learning facilities and quarters.
Jambert attended the graduation of 23 students from the Jambert Phonics Elementary School in the Watut local level government last Friday.
Watut local level government president Waka Daimon and Jambert started the school in 2014, after realising that the outcome-based education (OBE) curriculum would not help children read and write in English.
Daimon said despite the influence of science and technology, implementing the OBE policy was a total failure.
“How do we expect our children in rural schools to compete against students in urban schools as they progress into secondary schools and tertiary institutions?
“Our education system have failed many students. Many Grade 10 and 12 students find it difficult to speak and write fluent or at least proper English,” Daimon said.