Schools’ boss appeals for peace, harmony

National, Normal

STUDENTS, teachers and parents have been urged to promote peace and harmony within the school environment and with nearby communities.
Acting secretary for Education Damien Rapese said one of the Government’s objectives was to ensure all children in Papua New Guinea were fully educated and nurtured into becoming intelligent, respectful and responsible citizens.
“Our children’s welfare must always be protected and their safety guaranteed,” Mr Rapese said.
He was reacting to a fight between two students of Busip Primary School in Bogia, Madang province, on March 7 which had developed into an all-out ethnic clash that had claimed the lives of three people – two from Bogia and one from Manam.
He urged the students, teachers and parents from Bogia, Manam Island and the nearby villages to remain calm and allow police to deal with the matter.
Mr Rapese also sent his condolences to the relatives and friends of the three people killed.
He called on parents and members of the communities not to take sides when it comes to school problems and students’ disciplinary matters.
He said all schools had rules to deal with disciplinary problems.