Schools audit checks in place for WHP schools

Highlands, Normal


THE Western Highlands provincial administration is installing a new programme that will monitor the use of funds by the school boards and management.
Governor Tom Olga, through his representative Isaac Kumbamong, announced this during the Ogelbeng Lutheran Primary School’s graduation last Thursday.
Mr Kumbamong said under the programme, internal audits would be carried out on monies, including schools fees, used by the primary schools in the province and would be relayed back on a quarterly basis to the parents and teachers.
He said this report was purposely to minimise suspicions parents normally have about the school board mismanaging the schools funds and fee payments.
“It is common for parents to front up at their children’s schools with complaints regarding the use of money by the school board and management and the provincial administration had set this programme up to address this.”
Mr Kumbamong said each primary school in the province would have a bank account set up by the internal auditing team and every transaction would be reported during quarterly meetings at the school.
He said it would promote transparency and accountability and would also ensure that parents send their children to school with complete school fees every year.