Schools awaiting local govt help

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 30th April 2013


MADANG provincial and local level governments have been blamed for not assisting remote schools to airlift their supplies.

Two primary schools in Middle Ramu have been waiting for the last six months for their building material to be airlifted from Madang.

The chairman of the Asai Primary School in Mombasa board John Asai said the four LLG in Arabaka, Simbai, Josephstaal and Kowon had not helped them.

“I have been stuck in town now for the last five months trying to have an audience with our LLG presidents,  education authorities and those in the provincial administration to see if they can assist me to move the school materials,” he said.

Asai and his wife are founders of the school which started seven years ago. The school will see its pioneer Grade 8s graduate next year.

Asai said iron roofing and other building material had been bought and were being kept at his house in town. 

“The provincial government must ensure that communication is maintained between our district administration and the LLGs,” he said.

Chairman of the Kombaku Primary School, Vincent Marua Kinbong said their materials were intended to build two semi permanent double classrooms and teachers houses. 

He said there was one double classroom completed with two more to be built.