Schools in Mul-Baiyer to recieve uniforms


A total of 23,000 students in the Mul-Baiyer electorate of Western Highlands will receive new sets of uniforms as part prompting quality education and improving learning standards.
Local MP Koi Trappe said last Friday that 11,000 of these students were in elementary schools while 12,000 were in primary, high and secondary schools.
He said last year, uniforms were only given to primary and secondary school students but this year elementary schools were also included.
Trappe said also there would be four more high schools built in each of the three local level governments, Mul, Baiyer and Lumusa to cater for the increasing number of students.
“I believe in education because that will create a better future for our children who are our future leaders,” he said.
Trappe said children made up 30 per cent of the district’s population and his focus was to give them a better future through quality education.
“We see many bad happenings and social problems in the community and they are created by young people,” he said.
“If these young people are well taken care of then we will move ahead and that will be through education.”
Trappe said the school uniforms which he bought would encourage students and schools to value their education.
“In my term I want to see this generation in the electorate receive quality education and contribute meaningfully in nation building,” he said.
“We must give education priority and I will continue to support this area.”
The uniforms will be given to schools soon so that they can distribute them among the students.

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