Schools need classrooms


THE school year has commenced.
Over 1000 eligible students who have been selected to do Grade 9 in NCD secondary schools will not be attending classes due to lack of space in the schools.
The schools need additional classrooms but need funds to build them. Since the Education Department has instructed the schools to make spaces available, can they make it their priority to visit the schools and see for themselves the situation that they have placed the schools and the children in?
The classrooms cannot be overcrowded. Science labs should not be used because they are vital to student learning.
If the Education Department wants the schools to teach these children, then they must immediately construct classrooms.
It is their lack of vision and planning that has created this scenario.
The children have earned their spaces by right and must not miss out on their lessons. Do not let them down. Give them the opportunity that you once had when you were growing up.

Concerned Parent