Schools set to ‘go green’

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SCHOOLS, businesses and communities nationwide are eager to participate in the BSP “Go green” campaign.
The campaign is part of the global “Clean up the world” event where an estimated 35 million volunteers from more than 120 countries would participate.
The campaign will take place over two days and already registration to participate has been overwhelming.
Friday will be the BSP annual school clean-up day and Saturday is the BSP annual community clean-up day.
“Go green” is part of the worldwide event “Clean up the world” and was it will be held in PNG, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Niue.
BSP public relations and communications manager Rosemary Mawe said the overwhelming response showed that people were concerned about keeping their environment clean but needed a vehicle, which BSP had provided, to drive home their concerns.
Mawe urged everyone, whatever age, to help keep the environment clean and slow down and reverse
some of the damage that had been done so far.
“Be a part of this drive and join the staff of any BSP branch close to you and start cleaning up your world.”
On Friday, an estimated 5,295 classes (152,250 students) will participate in the clean- up and on Saturday, more than 5,000 people are expected to join BSPgo green clean-up.
In the South Pacific, an estimated 8,750 people will participate and more than 250,000 students will take part.
This does not include BSP staff who will take part in the campaign.
Apart from others, NCD Governor Powes Parkop and the PNG Gardener are supporting the go green campaign and in Port Moresby, NCDC will assist in disposing the rubbish collected.