Schools should teach moral, ethical values


THE harassment and intimidation of university students reported in the media this week shows that more work needs to be done to address our attitude problem.Our women are equal partners in human, social, economical, political and spiritual development. Traditionally, our men value women. Men should not feel defeated when women rise up. The country will be healthy and prosperous when women become equal participants in taking Papua New Guinea forward. Our education system lacks subjects of moral and ethical values. These subjects should not be taught only at home and church. They must be included in our education system.This will produce responsible and respectful citizens. Our Anglo-Saxon education system needs an overhaul so that it includes morals and ethics. We need knowledgeable and sound minds to “Take back PNG”. This will improve gender equality and reduce abuse and corruption that are malignant in this country. If this is not done, what happened at the University of PNG will continue to destroy our society.

Dr James Naipao,
National Doctors Association

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