Schools to close Dec 4

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THE 2009 school year will come to an end on Friday, earlier than expected, as directed by the Education Department and Teaching Services Commission (TSC).
The direction was from a circular that stated that all schools in the national education system will end the school year on Dec 4, and not Dec 11 as indicated in the 2009 education calendar.
The circulation also included the dates of school holidays and other important dates of events for next year
that should be considered by schools and teachers throughout the country.
All teachers and students are urged to return to school for 2010 school year on Feb 1 under the theme “A
better future through universal basic education” and overarching theme “prosperity through self-reliance.”
Next year’s academic year starts in February with the first term ending on April 16.
Second term will start on April 26 to July 2; third term will be from July 19 to Sept 24; and the fourth term
is scheduled for Oct 4 and end on Dec 9. Education secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio and TSC chairman Michael
Pearson urged schools and education administers to use the information in the circular to prepare for next year’s school year while waiting for the education calendar to be printed.