Schools told to manage funds

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EDUCATION Minister Jimmy Uguro is urging schools to have a certain amount in their accounts at year’s end.
He said schools needed to be able to kick-start the new school year without asking parents for school fees. Uguro made the comment following a media report of a school in Port Moresby charging parents while waiting for the Government’s component of the tuition fee subsidy.
Last week Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra told The National that K123 million was remitted to school accounts. Uguro has directed Kombra to put in place a protocol to manage subsidy funds (TFF) from this year.
“Some schools have been operating like small businesses, cleaning out their bank accounts at the end of every school year,” Uguro said.
“Beginning of next school year, they charge parents.
“Schools must not blame or use TFF as an excuse to charge parents.
“We will have a new TFF protocol in place, there must be clear guidelines set.
“At the close of every school year or graduations, the school accounts will have to be closed.
“Inspectors must make sure all schools comply, failure by the school can have head teacher charged and or removed.
“Respective schools have to comply with directives and not charge parents.”


  • Thank you Minister for stressing on this but unfortunately most of the primary and secondary schools here in Madang are charging parents huge amounts of money before entering class despite the first TFF components the government had put into the school’s account last week. Many students have not attend class yet due to this and it’s becoming a burden to us parents. Can the government follow up on this ease the problem?

  • I only wish you have been in the position of a principal at one time and see for yourself how the schools operate with the money government give.

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