Schools told to work together


THE chaplain of Morobe Tertiary Students Union Offo Olio has called on secondary school students and teachers in Lae to work together to avoid inter-school fights in the city.
He said inter-school fights could be avoided if students and teachers got together through activities such as sports, debates and spiritual gatherings.
“Inter-school fighting have been an ongoing issue, however, it can be solved if we try out an amicable solution,” Olio said.
“Fighting has spoilt the reputation of the schools but not all students were involved in these fights.”
Olio highlighted that most fights among schools started between few individuals before spreading out.
“Students from different schools must be allowed to work together with each other through various school-organised activities,” he said.
“Peace and harmony can be achieved through such friendly activities.”
He said inter-school fighting was a very serious issue that could lead to destruction of properties, serious injuries and death, therefore, relevant authorities have to do something to help police prevent any more fights. We should not criticise them but we should find a lasting solution to end this fighting culture. I call on parents and former students to take the lead in solving this issue,” he said.