Schools urged to buy books

National, Normal

The National, Monday 12th December 2011

A PROMINENT businessman and Rotary club president in Kokopo has urged schools in East New Britain to get involved in a book programme by the National Library.
Businessman James Wong said he learnt about the programme a few weeks ago during his recent visit to Port Moresby.
He said the programme required individuals, groups, schools to register with K2,000 in order to receive K4,000 worth of books from the National Library.
He said this was revealed to him by Mary Marus from the National Library.
Wong said the National Library would match the K2,000 raised by any group or individual with another K2,000 and would take care of expenses in delivering
the books to the recipients.
“I do not know why so many schools are
not making use of such programmes,” Wong said.
He challenged the wider community, particularly business houses and members of parliament, to help with funds to get books for local schools.
He said he had a list of Kokopo schools that he was urging to use the programme.
Wong urged schools in the province with libraries and wanting to be part of the programme to contact him.
He said if schools could raise K1,000,
he would help in raising another K1,000 to secure books worth K4,000.
He said it was important for interested individuals, schools and groups to secure books before Dec 31.