Schools without bank details miss out

National, Normal

The National, Friday 19th April 2013

 A NUMBER of elementary schools in East New Britain have missed out on the government’s tuition fee free subsidy for failing to submit bank account details.

The provincial education office has given them this week to submit this vital information so they could receive the subsidies.

In the Pomio district, 22 elementary schools and two primary schools fell under this category and have been urged by the education office to make an attempt to rectify this issue.

Gazelle district has 10 elementary schools that have not submitted correct bank account details, however, all its primary schools have successfully done so.

Five elementary schools in Kokopo district were still to submit their bank details while all primary schools had already done this.

For the Rabaul district, all schools had received their subsidy after successfully submitting the necessary information making them eligible for the subsidy.

The education office highlighted that many schools in the province needed the subsidies for the purchase of much-needed school materials.

At the same time, the education office was concerned about the membership of board of managements and board of governors.

The office said some schools had not submitted names of members that the provincial education board could approve and give them power to make legal decisions regarding discipline of students and teachers and school projects at schools.

The approval of school boards would determine the imposing of project fees by schools.

The office said the exercise was vital as decisions made by the board must be legal so development could take place in schools.