Scientists must study plants’ medicinal value

Letters, Normal

SOMETIMES I wonder why we fail to make use of what Mother Nature has given us.
The Earth is blessed with many medicinal plants with anti-cancerous, life saving properties.
Some of the plants that have anti-cancer properties include guava tree (psidium guajava) and soursop tree (annona muricata).
The guava leaf is reportedly more potent than the pink periwinkle plant (vinca rosea) from which expensive medication is created to combat cancer in western nations. 
Pawpaw leaf tea (Carica papaya), which effectively eradicates malarial parasites, has also reportedly cured cancer in Australia and Mexico.
Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) and the highly nutritious horse radish tree (Moringa Oleifera) are also worthwhile investigating.
All these six plants are common in PNG and I call on our scientists to conduct more research into them.
However, I must warn that we cannot blindly consume the above without a doctor’s approval.  – Sepik herbalist Wewak